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Our Ethos

Our trips are crafted around extraordinary experiences and interactions with cultural tastemakers to broaden your horizon.

We bring together like-minded explorers from a cross-spectrum of backgrounds around the world. Our trips are an opportunity to meet and connect with people who share a similar worldview, and to forge lifelong friendships and relationships. Depending on the journey, your guest host may be a creative thought-leader, cultural icon, photographer or entrepreneur with a deep knowledge and expertise to share throughout the trip. Every itinerary is thoroughly vetted from our personal travel experience on the ground. Our trips challenge your world view and encourage you to become an engaged traveler through interactions with community projects and the local community. 


Upcoming Departures


India: Oct 16-24, 2018

From ancient traditions and artistic heritage to magnificent landscapes and culinary creations – India will ignite your curiosity, shake your senses and warm your soul.

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Newfoundland: Nov 1-4, 2018

With rocky crags, drifting icebergs and puffins flapping by, Canada's easternmost province – and historically its most rebellious – floats in a stunning world of its own.

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Kenya: Nov 8-15, 2018

Vast savannahs peppered with immense herds of wildlife. Snow-capped equatorial mountains. Traditional peoples who bring soul and colour to the earth. 

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Mexico City: Coming Soon

Mexico City is, and has always been, the sun in the Mexican solar system. Stimulate your senses and taste buds as we embark on a culinary adventure.





featured host

Lucy Laucht

British-born photographer, content creator and travel expert, Lucy Laucht has made a career out of her lifelong wanderlust and curiosity to discover inspiring, off-beat places. In addition to a large and growing social media following, she contributes regularly to titles including Conde Nast Traveler, AFAR, Travel and Leisure and Vogue Australia. Don't miss the trips she will be co-hosting this year:


India: Oct 16-24, 2018

Kenya: Nov 8-15, 2018





"Electrify Getaways doesn’t just want to put you closer to locals, they’re actually working with creatives and leaders within each community to do so by providing otherwise unreachable people and community-driven experiences. In a world where all too many groups make that promise, Electrify Getaways is setting themselves apart by going to destinations that offer an experience better than you could have even imagined, but that’s mostly because you didn’t even know that it was one that existed."

- Breanna Wilson for Forbes