A Journey to the Edge of the Earth: Newfoundland

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The Edge of the Earth
View of Fogo Island Inn


4 days, 3 nights

November 1-4, 2018

Group Size: 10 travelers

Host: Amanda Ho (Founder of Electrify Magazine)

With winter’s first frost on the horizon, late fall is a wonderful season to spend sitting and sipping a warm beverage as you watch dramatic waves crash up against the Island’s 420-million-year-old rocks. Wild and wonderful November gales are the backdrop to this time of change and power. Late fall is a time of winter preparation as local people are busy gathering and stacking firewood and bottling and canning berries and other preserves.

Those seeking solitude and reflection will find that late fall on Fogo Island provides the opportunity to think, feel, and simply “be” in a place where the wind has a tendency to iron out all of life’s wrinkles as it blows in 36 different directions at once. Others might choose to enjoy activities such as seabird and caribou watching, bonfire nights, and invigorating hikes.


Day 1: Arrival To Newfoundland

Arrive on Fogo Island and allow the Island to reveal itself on the 30-minute drive through outport communities as you make your way off to your refuge, Fogo Island Inn. Take time for exploration. Revel in the natural beauty found around every bend. Check into Fogo Island Inn, a traditional yet contemporary masterpiece of modern architecture and design.

AFTERNOON: Spend a few moments relaxing in your suite.  When you’re ready, find your way down to the Lounge.

EVENING: Dine on the fresh flavours and the bounty of land and sea as supper is prepared by Fogo Island Inn’s Kitchen Collective in the Inn’s Dining Room.

LATE EVENING: Catch a film in the Inn’s Cinema before tucking in for the night. 



Day 2: Local Foraging

Greet the sun as she rises and find a handmade wooden daybreak box outside your door filled with coffee, tea and fresh pastries.

MORNING: Breakfast is served in the Dining Room at your leisure. Break off with a Community Host and leave for the hills.  Walk out onto the hills surrounding the Inn, picking whatever edibles we find – under the watchful eye of your Community Host.

AFTERNOON: The morning turns into a tasty outport “boil-up” featuring salt fish, lassy bread, blackberry cake, jam tart, strong tea and a song or two around a wood fire.  Following a successful day of berry picking, head to a shed to learn about bottling and canning, the traditional method for preserving your bounty. Afterwards, take a coastal walk to the Great Auk. The Great Auk’s symbolic perch at the end of Joe Batt’s point is an excellent place to close your eyes in wonder and respect for the savage sea and observe personal requiem for this lost bird.

EVENING: Enjoy a delicious, locally-sourced supper in the Inn’s dining room.



Day 3: Bait & Tackle

Meet another day with your daybreak “Tackle Box.” Ease into the morning gradually.

EARLY MORNING: Breakfast at your leisure in the Dining Room.

MORNING: Meet your Community Host in the lobby for your island orientation. Be prepared for fresh perspectives and insights; stories and laughter during your morning outing. Allow yourself to be oriented to this “salty Narnia” by the people of the place – who have retained their 400-year-old heritage; whose sense of self comes from deep historical ties to landscape and seascape; people who are profoundly at home on this “edge of the known.” Dinner (lunch) is served at your leisure in the dining room.

AFTERNOON: Spend the afternoon with members of our culinary brigade exploring gardens and root cellars. Inside a root cellar, the stone-walled room is dark, cold, and humid. These cellars have stored vegetables for centuries, and they tell the story of how Fogo Islanders were able to stay here in times of struggle.

EVENING: Enjoy a contemporary take on Newfoundland cuisine, while waves crash on the shoreline just beyond your table setting.

LATE EVENING: Before retiring to your suite it is the chance to soak your tired but contented muscles in our roof top saunas and hot tubs as you gaze up at the infinite starry sky.



Day 4: Departures

MORNING: Enjoy your departing daybreak box from the comfort of your suite. Linger.

Fortify yourself for your journey home with a farewell breakfast in the Dining Room. Depart for a twenty-minute drive to the ferry and your return journey to Gander International Airport.






Shorefast Foundation

Fogo Island Inn was a direct response to a pressing need to find new relevance for traditional knowledge and traditional ways. The Inn was created as an economic engine for Fogo Island and has provided new employment opportunities that build off of Fogo Islanders’ natural predisposition towards exceptional hospitality. Fogo Island Inn is a 100% social business: it was built using philanthropic funds and all surpluses are returned to Shorefast Foundation for reinvestment in the community of Fogo Island. 






Fogo Island Inn

Fogo Island Inn is a great feat of contemporary architecture, all stilts, angles, and vertical lines that contrast with the rough slabs of ancient granite that surround it. But as much as it might stand out in its setting—far away from far away, as they like to say, on an island off the coast of Newfoundland—the Inn is integrally part of Fogo Island. Local architect Todd Saunders designed it as a modern take on traditional Atlantic Canadian outport architecture, and the moods of North Atlantic and ever-changing sky define every backdrop here. 



$3,310 USD Per Person

Deposit: 50% non-refundable deposit upon booking

*We are only offering shared rooms due to the exclusive booking arrangements at each hotel; a single supplement will not be available. If you are trlaveling solo, based on your profile, we will match you with a suitable roommate for the trip.

What is included: 3x nights at Fogo Island Inn; full board (all breakfasts, lunches and dinners); private experiences; community host; private ground transportation for airport pickup and on Fogo Island; local guide for entire journey

What is not included: International airfare, incidental expenses, gratuities, travel insurance, excess baggage fees