why getaways?

Broaden your horizon.


We recongize that a new generation of travelers are seeking out more engaging and rewarding travel experiences.

Our getaways embrace this mindset to challenge, educate and inspire travelers to connect to a destination. With groups of no more than 14 individuals, the community setting allows like-minded travelers, from a cross-spectrum of backgrounds, to come together through a shared experience.

Our trips attract individuals who behold a distinctive aspiration to see the world, and each getaway is programmed to offer exclusive access to experiences with emerging and notable creative tastemakers in their respective destinations. These itineraries are designed to immerse travelers into the culture and vibrancy of the location through enriching interactions.

Electrify Getaways is the brainchild of New York-born Amanda Ho, founder of Electrify Magazine, as a way to translate her passion for documenting the creative pursuits of the global generation into accessible trips for travelers seeking an immersive way to see the world.

As an editor and film producer, Amanda is an avid storyteller who has an innate desire to create content and experiences to spark meaningful conversations. Her work has taken her from East Africa to uncover the story of anti-poaching rangers protecting wildlife in Kenya, to unearthing the non-profit work of a local organization in Central India keeping the empowering legacy of weaving alive. Each getaway is fueled by the discovery of these stories and interweaving their experience into an itinerary to engage and uplift travelers.  

Join us and let your story unfold.